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New training schedule:

Dear customers

Due to the extremely hot weather conditions during our Summer here In Chiang Mai, we've made the executive decision to change our training schedule, and to also add more private training sessions. Here is of our new 2017 training schedule that will be effective from the 15th of April, 2017.


Furhermore, our new price for training packages and room rates are announced in the price page, these new price will be effective from Apr 16, 2017.

Por Silaphaigym Team



Por Silaphaigym is an authentic Muay Thai camp located in the city of Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. The gym opened in 2011 in the suburban area of Chiang Mai city and moved to the city center in 2015. Since then our camp gradually expanded from a small family business to a bigger, better and well recognized Muay Thai camp with all the supports from our partners, friends, family and dear customers around the world. Our camp provides many types of training program to suit customers requirements. Training programs ranges from two hour session to long term professional program, for kids above 6yrs to professional fighters.

Por Silaphaigym is a legally register Muay Thai camp under the Sport Authority of Thailand since 2012. Our owner Mr. Prasit Silaphai or Khrue Sith is a certified Muay Thai C-License trainer and recognized by the Board of Boxing Sport of Thailand. Our camp is one of a highly standard, reliable and legitimate Muay Thai camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.



Our camp is about or 5 minutes from the Chaing Mai gate (South gate) of the old city or just 10 minutes from Chiang Mai international airport. The gym has 6x6 meters ring and fully equipped with all facilities for every students. It is may be in the city area but still private, relaxed atmosphere, giving our customers a Muay Thai traditional feel which rather different from air-conditioned gyms.

What is Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the Thai national heritage from the past until present day. It is well know and the most recognized of Thai culture among Thai and foreigners. Major boxing tricks or Mae Mai Muay Thai is the martial art developed since the ancient time. It has a reputation of a unique combination of punch, elbow, knees and ankle fluently and efficiency in fighting. Whai Krue or the spectacular of rhythmic dance moves illustrates the respected to the trainer in the eyes of spectators.


Want to know more about our camp:

We mad this clip as a memo of our camp. It's almost a year since we moved to Chiang Mai city center. There were many great times and fond memories we shared with our dear customers. Here is a video clips sum up about what happen in year 2015-2016. It has some details about our camp, our training program, you can take a look and enjoy.


Looking for different vacation experience?

Why don't you give yourself a different vacation, try something different from normal. We have a training package ranging from one day to one month including accommodation, food and fun. If you are looking a place for Training and become a professional fighter, we have just the right package for you. Start your journey with us at Por Silaphaigym and reach your goal together. Give us a chance to help you success your goal. It's not an easy journey to be a winner. Let us guide you on this difficult path and be proud and joy along the way when you archive your goal. Because, you are not just a customer, but here you are our family member,

If you like to have more information or check availability of training and accommodation, you can leave a message in the contact us box, or email us at

Hopefully we will see you in Chiang Mai soon.

Por Silaphaigym.



you can follow update our activities at Por Silaphai Facebook Fan Page. 

#125 By: Mark V P [IP:]
This is my first authentic Muay Thai Camp and I love it! Their training techniques are up to par with my expectations. And the Kru/Teachers are very polite and understanding. I will miss this camp so much when I go home.
#126 By: Wwwily [IP:]

Training five hours a day or so, the coach was very good, very professional training, a lot of friends here, like the feeling of sweat every day, is a good experience, we recommend to Chiang Mai to experience a real Muay Thai training, see an exciting Muay Thai match is an unforgettable experience. Like here, good to enjoy.
#127 By: Astrid Zitherington-Pounce [IP:]
Achieved my years-old goal of doing muay thai in Thailand today. Thanks Por Silaphai Gym ... Wish i could stay longer
#128 By: Gary Millwall Wade [IP:]
What can I say about my trainers and time with por brilliant anyone looking to change there life id say come stay with them, I have now a new look on life and goal never been so fit and healthy top lads who help you 100%
#129 By: Steven Gray [IP:]
This place was such a great experience. I originally booked up for one week and decided to stay for two. The trainers are great and the whole vibe of he place is like one big family. You all push through the training together which of course is hard, but believe me when I say it will change the way you think about exercise. You will go home wanting to keep up your training. If you're looking to improve your Muay Thai fighting skills and techniques, looking to get healthier or even lose weight this is most certainly a place I would recommend. It will also help you get back into a routine in your ordinary life. I can't find one bad thing about this place at all.

Visited August 2016
#130 By: Brad McHugh [IP:]
Amazing session, for someone with a very small amount of experience I felt I learnt a huge amount in my 2 hour session. Good atmosphere and great trainers. Highly recommend to anyone. I will be desperate to squeeze in another session before I leave Chiang Mai!! Thank you very much!
#131 By: Frank Harrys [IP:]
My stay in Thailand, Chiang Mai should I say was great! Amazing. Thanks to Por Silhaipaigym I could practice Muay Thai as per my old dream. Thank you very much to my trainers, I even went into two real fights (won: 1 lost: 1 regrets: 0). Hoppefully I will see again all the nice people I met during this six weeks
#132 By: Frank Harrys [IP:]
From my initial 4 weeks booking I extend to 6 weeks. They trained me according to my goals and then kindly push me harder as I was really enjoying it. So regarding the training the trainers are great, they know what they do. Plus there is always enough trainers.

Regarding the ambiance it was another great point. The owner is kind and friendly. He knows how to put everyone in a good mood and will make you feel part of the family.

I stayed in the gym accommodation 3 minutes walking from the gym. It was actually quite clean for thai standard. Cleaner that many others backpackers in Thailand.

The last point concern the food, it was good and always enough. Perfect diet for this kind of training. Even tho you got to like thai food (rice).

Overall : great gym, good location, great trainer, good food. I will be back there for sure.

Visited September 2016
#133 By: Renens Sentoo Club [IP:]
Por Silaphai Gym is excellent in every aspect. Their trainers are very professional and all speak good English. They will adapt your training level to your needs. I went with a group from my Swiss Muay Thai club and they ranged from older guy doing MT for fitness to young high level fighters. Everyone was taken care of according to their level. 2 of the guys even had fights ! The food is great and varied and they will adapt it if you have special requirements. The accomodation is clean and just 100 meters from the gym. They have free WiFi and air conditionning so you can really get your sleep to recover at nights. There is a kitchen so you can self cater and there is a 7/11 and a market in a 50 meter radius. There is also a chemist's, a laundry, several small restaurants and a Thai massage place there. Not surprising that we have already booked for 3 weeks next year. And all my fighters want to go ! Well done PSG, you are our family now.
#134 By: Aurelian Julliard [IP:]
Travelling arround the world, I like to share activities with local people. Practiced some other fight sport before, I really enjoyed to discover muay thai during two weeks here. The staff will you feel like home in a really good family atmosphere. But doesn't mean you will not be tired after each lesson, staff are very competent and will do the best to improve yourself. Possibility to have good food and recent accommodation for a reasonable price. Thanks a lot everybody
#135 By: Valbor Kockler [IP:]
We had a 2 hour lesson for an eight years old boy. The teachers are very good. He had lessons at the professionals but also with a ten / eleven years old Thai boy. That was very good, because he had a lot of fun and it was balanced between learning and playing with children the same age.
#136 By: MesShell [IP:]
Hi I just wanted to say I went to another gym for muay Thai here in Bangkok.. It was so shit compared to yours.
The trainer was angry I was a beginner.. He didn't wanna be there and kept offering a special training for extra $$.

You, your trainers and your gym is so friendly. You guys are understanding and patient to beginners but skilled enough to teach champions. Congrats on max winning too.

Just thought I should let you guys know your the best
#137 By: Valentin [IP:]
I spent 2 incredible months training in Silaphai Gym. I had a light background in Martial Arts but I had never trained Muay Thai.
The trainers are experienced, patient and really hearty. They take the time you need to master the different aspects of Muay Thai.

If you plan to stay for a long time, I recommend you to take a room in the lodges provided by the gym so you will be near the gym and you will have more possibilities to have fun with the trainers and the other students.
The food provided by the gym is tasty and healthy.

To sum up, it was a perfect experience for me !

Special thank to Ton and Nock, 2 incredibles trainers.
#138 By: Graziano Mariano [IP:]
the best workout experience in my life, after three weeks I already feel stronger, I hope to stay with you lunge. . . thanks my friends;)
#139 By: Marine [IP:]
You know what not many people would say this or admit these things about themselves but I am, I've done some daft shit in my time and made plenty of mistakes , plenty! it's no good sitting and dwelling on those things the only way to get by them is deal with them!! I ain't going to sit around and dwell on my past or think what if anymore I'm done with all that , it's time for me to focus on my future because the past few days have showed me a lot of things, you never know what life has round the corner for you whether it be good or bad , but is that chance worth taking on waiting to see what happens?! , I'm going to live my life to the most and fullest and face whatever comes ahead of me. If there's a risk and you think you can make it then take take it. Life's to precious ✋✋
#140 By: Larbpla [IP:]
I had 2 private sessions with Kru Nok, he was a very patient teacher and showed me some great new techniques. Especially his elbow techniques :-) I highly recommend the gym if you prefer a more personalized gym. My husband personally enjoyed the iced coffee at the cafe where he could chat with some of the other Students, so not getting bored while I trained.
#141 By: Floriane Moriaud [IP:]
I spent 3 weeks at the gym and it was an incredible experience!
The trainings are intense and the trainers will always push you at your maximum. You can improve really fast which is really cool! But you don't have to be sportive you just do what you can.
I really enjoyed to become a member of Por Silaphai gym and of course I will come back and train again with those guys
#142 By: Greg [IP:]
Excellent club which permit to discover the beautiful thai culture around Muay Thai.A staff very professional and very friendly too.
#143 By: James Berry [IP:]
Just finished my last week of training in Chiang mai couldn't of asked for better trainers would recommend it to any one traveling through the area, thanks for a great two weeks Prasit Silaphai Sarayut Pongthong it's been a pleasure getting to know you both
#144 By: Ronc [IP:]
Took my 14 year old son for a week of Muay Thai training here. We have been doing Muay Thai for about 2 years so this was a partial Christmas present for him.
The owner and trainer were awesome to us. Nok, a trainer, treated my son like he was his own. Which meant my son learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Outside the ring, there was joking and kidding which made us feel at home.
We stayed at their dorm rooms, had the double room for us. And also was on the meal plan. The rooms were good. Basic room but comfortable enough. Would have been nice to have 2 chairs so we could play cards or games. But other than that, ok. One note, you need to take your own towels, none furnished. The food was fine, couple of the dishes really good! But over all, fine.
There are lots of Muay Thai training camps in the area, but the people here are what makes this place special. They made our stay fun and comfortable.
They do pick up at the airport, door 2, and will take you back.
#145 By: Blandine Mahfouf [IP:]
Great friendly trainers. A wonderful atmosphere. These guys really make you feel at home and go out of their way to make sure your stay in Chiang Mai is memorable! I couldn't have wished for a better Christmas and New Year than spending it with these guys and my new friends. After a month training, it feels a little like family and CM a little like home.
#146 By: Fiona E M Thomson [IP:]
Now that I'm back in Canada I miss the outdoor gym. I loved my short 2 weeks of training. It was my very first time doing Muay Thai training and enjoyed every minute of it. The instructors are tough and the workouts are intense. I liked learning Muay Thai so much that I've signed up for classes here back home. I'll be back one day. Wonderful experience.
#147 By: Alex Mann [IP:]
Authentic, friendly, with a really comfortable feel. Brilliant for me as I've never done anything like it before, I feel like I've improved an awful lot in my months time here. I certainly hope to come back.
#148 By: Alex Mann [IP:]
Thanks to Por Silaphai Gym, sit, nok, and everyone I trained with. It has been an awesome month!
I felt like I learned an awful lot, I had a huge amount of fun and I definitely hope to go back sometime.
And for anyone who's wanted to go a camp to train but hasn't tried it... go for it!
#149 By: Cameron Robert Coates-Walker [IP:]
Absolutely amazing gym. The trainers are both helpful and super-friendly. They will kick your ass and then take you out for drinks afterwards. By far the best atmosphere of a gym i've ever encountered. 10/10. Couldn't have asked for more.
#150 By: Peter Yore [IP:]
Had a fantastic week here for a very good price. I'm a beginner to any type of martial arts. As a beginner my needs were catered for well.
Top quality training by Sit who is very good as pushing you to your potential. Also, full of friendly and helpful people who attend! Like a family.
P.S Be prepared to do a lot of press ups!
#151 By: Lucie Hokhloff [IP:]
I spend a week there! 2 trainings a day! It was fantastic! I wish I could stay longer! Whether you begin and you have been doing Muay Thai for long time this place adapts in a perfect way! You can also go just for one session!
#152 By: Pete [IP:]
Won tonight on points ☺ after losing 4 fights in a row all on points (3 of them I think I won, maybe even 4). It feels good to get back on winning ways and to win on points means more than winning by an early knock out. I had thought about jacking it in but I'm glad I have stuck it out and got back on winning ways. I'm happy to be fighting hard fights and good fighters all the time but it's hard training around work and having a 9 month old baby. Chuthamat Scott is an amazing mum and an amazing wife and does everything for me and Pow. Can't thank her enough for everything she does for me and for letting me train and run in all my spare time. Thanks to Prasit Silaphai and Aphichet Bensalaeman for the training at Por Silaphai Gym
#153 By: Stephen Orme [IP:]
Flights booked for my return to Por Silaphai Gym next January. 1 month of Muay Thai, good people and awesome food. Prasit Silaphai told you I will be back
#154 By: Glyn Evans [IP:]
Fantastic gym with fantastic trainers , real authentic Muay Thai training , I cannot speak highly of this place I am already planning to return in November .
#155 By: Frankie [IP:]
We booked accomodation and training for one of our fighters based out of california. The prices were great, the coaches were amazing to deal with, and from what our fighter has shown, the training has been amazing! Mr. Prasit handled everything for our fighter, from pick up from the airport, to his accomodation, food plan and even helping lessen the culture shock by fostering a strong team atmosphere and making everyone feel included no matter their skill level. Please take a moment to message Mr. Prasit and see for yourself! Highly recommended.
#156 By: Pierre [IP:]
Once again, thank you for the amazing month, hope we'll meet again ;)
#157 By: Lucie [IP:]
Amazing experience for beginners
I spend a week there! 2 trainings a day! It was fantastic! I wish I could stay longer! Whether you begin and you have been doing Muay Thai for long time this place adapts in a perfect way! You can also go just for one session!
#158 By: Anna [IP:]
Chiang Mai's best boxing camp
#159 By: Kody Burke [IP:]
I knew this place would be amazing but I'm totally blow away. Everyone is super friendly and jokes a lot but they still push you harder then ever! Chiang Mia is definitely a place I'd recommend if you come to Thailand and it's definitely a place I will be coming back to!
#160 By: Jo Anders [IP:]
Très bon camp d'entraînement. La.boxe es pratiquée de manière traditionnelle et les entraîneurs prennent le temps d'expliquer les techniques. Il es possible de combattre pour le gym en ville. Il manque un peut d'hygiène mais la qualité es la !
#161 By: Fitness Backpacker [IP:]
Muay Thai Gyms
I have visited two Muay Thai Gyms while backpacking through Thailand. Both gyms are adequate for all type of backpackers who want to experience Muay Thai.

Por Silaphai Gym, Chiang Mai (Thailand)

I have chosen to visit the Por Silaphai Gym to follow a Muay Thai Trainingscamp for a week. It has been an awesome experience to train at this Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai. The manager is a very kind man, with always a big smile on his face. I can say the same about the coaches. The gym recently has moved to a new location, nearby a 7-11 and places to get some foods and fruits. You will train in an open aired place, with a roof on the top, which I prefer over an air-conditioned room. They also offer accommodation nearby the gym and buffets.

At the Por Silaphai Gym they offer different Muay Thai classes. I have chosen to opt for training 2 times a day for a week long. The first training starts at 08.00 and ends at 10.00, the second training begins at 17.00 until 19.00. This means you will be training 4 hours a day, what will be a physical and mental challenge. I think I can say I am in a pretty good shape, however this week was still very hard on my body. You don’t have any time to recover. Therefore, getting some massages and good healthy food is a must.

The trainers at Silaphai Gym (Chaing Mai) put much effort in learning you the technique of Muay Thai Boxing. They are not easily satisfied, however it’s a great feeling when you finally have landed a high kick in the proper way. I can conclude from my training in this gym, that they not see you merely as someone who passes through, instead they want you to learn the skill of Thai Boxing.

Doing Muay Thai was a mental and physical challenge. Therefore I recommend everyone who likes sports to do it. However, it could also fit people that want to shed some excess fat! I did not have any experience in fighting sports, you don’t need it to enjoy Muay Thai. We had a diverse group of males and females, where some of them were experienced fighters, some intermediates and finally a few beginners like me. I thought it was a nice change during my travels, a great experience which has tought me something about one of the most popular sports in Thailand.
#162 By: kjbergemann@kjbergemann [IP:]
Tomorrow will mark 1 week at my new gym in Chiang Mai, Por Silaphai Muay Thai. I have been pushed harder than I've been pushed in a very long time and Kru Sith really takes the "no run, no fight" mantra to heart. I don't think my shoes are going to last this trip hahaha. Just yesterday and today I clocked in around 35kms, those k's being put in before 2hour muay thai sessions, twice a day... Suffice it to say I am hurting and in my old age, recovery is slow hahaha. Have hit breaking point multiple times yet here we are, still pressing on. Hoping to fight at one of the local international stadiums in the next 2 weeks and there have even been hints of bigger things but for now taking it one step (read run) at a time..
#163 By: Pete S [IP:]
Great gym to train at for any level.
Prasit and the other trainers at the gym are like a family and make Muay Thai training fun but push you hard. If your in Chiang Mai you have to check out the gym and meet the great people here. Whenever I am in Chiang Mai I won't train anywhere else apart from Por Silaphai.
#164 By: 효원 김 [IP:]
Pretty good experience
I had learned Muay thai in Por Silaphai Gym for 2weeks. At the first day, it was pretty hard for me to practice it. However trainers adjusted the exercise intensity friendly. There are 5trainers including the superior trainer who was the Muay tai champion in Bangkok. Therefore they could correct my posture like the personal trainning. Anyway good time for a workout and chillout with the economical price.
#165 By: Kmali Gali [IP:]
trained there for 2 years. The best gym in gym for me.
#166 By: Rodolphe d [IP:]
Excellent experience !
Por Silaphai Gym is a really good gym, there is a fantastic atmosphere between all the students and all the teachers are professionnels and friendly! I really recommande this gym. I will come back.
#167 By: menendezmr Saint Louis, Missouri [IP:]
Hands down the best adventure I've had
I've been traveling the world for 8 months now, and when people ask me what my favorite part is been, I tell them about living in a Muy Thai boxing camp for a week. The coaching was superb, and the mix of professionals and young Western amateurs made for great training. Be ready for a serious workout. That's the best shape I've been in for a while and I'm much more confident and left with new friends. Aside from boxing, eating, and sleeping, you'll be good tired and happy to just watch TV with the others or go for a daily massage. You won't regret it.
#168 By: KJBergemann [IP:]
A great muay thai experience
I trained at Por Silaphai for 3 weeks in June. The gym caters for all levels. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate learner who wants to learn some new techniques or even a seasoned pro looking for some ring time, Kru Sith and the Por Silaphai team will sort you out. If you are looking to get in the ring, as I was, make sure your running shoes are in your bag from day 1, you are going to need them ;) and Chok Dee to you all...
#169 By: chris c [IP:]
great place To train
i did train for 1 month at por silaphai gym, they have nice and clean rooms, the camp is big and they have a hardworking, experienced and friendly team! i will do it again for sure!
#170 By: Lucile L [IP:]
I've trained in this gym for more than a year while I was still living in Chiang Mai. This is definitively the gym I would recommend to anyone going to Chiang Mai and looking for a muay thai gym with skilled and friendly teachers. The gym is also in a very convenient place. I really loved this gym and made some amazing friends.
#171 By: Brett I [IP:]
Muay Thai for all levels
Por Silaphai's gym has a great atmosphere and experienced trainers. They can help you out if you're a beginner just starting out or an experienced Thai boxer looking to fight and compete. They have close and convenient accommodation with stores and restaurants near.
#172 By: labello_12 [IP:]
Best friendly gym
There is no words to describe the experience i had in Chiang mai, the friends i made from around the globe and with these great trainers. Por Silaphai is not only a gym were you can learn and experience muay thai, but a home were family meets. I want to thank you for giving me your best during my stay.. Highly recommended if your into martial arts and visiting Chiang mai, prepare to sweat :) Kob khun krab
#173 By: Richard Sentoo MTG [IP:]
As the owner of a muay thai gym in Switzerland, I plan training camps in Thailand every year in July. Last year we were a small group of 5 who came to Por Silaphai. 1 guy had a couple of fights. This year we were 8 from my club but we brought fighting friends with us. 3 from France and 3 from the USA. Of the 14 of us, 11 had fights in Thaphae Stadium during our 3 week stay. Por Silaphai is a very high quality Gym. They have high level standards and push you more and more. You are so immersed in the family atmosphere that you progress without even thinking about it. Going hard comes naturally. Next July, even more folk are planning on coming.
If you would like an inside view of life in and around camp, have a look at our Facebook travel log of our 24 day adventure:
#174 By: Jef D [IP:]
Thanks for all good times
I had a great experience. I went here for one month, 6 days a week. In another gym they only let me do shadow boxing. But here its different. Its a very nice mix of all things, friendly and experienced trainers, meet nice peoplefrom all over thw world. thanks you very much


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