Our Trainers

Khrue Sith

Mr. Prasit Silaphai or Khrue Sith is a partner/manager and trainer at our gym. He graduated in Sport Science from Institute of Physical Education Chumporn. He came from Suratthani province, Southern of Thailand. He has lots of sport teaching experience and he loves Muay Thai so much, that's the reason why he opened this Muay Thai gym in 2013. With his teaching skill, it will be fun and easy to learn the art of Thai boxing.

Mr. Prasit is a cerified Muay Thai C-license trainer and legally recognized by the Board of Boxing Sport of Thailand.


 Khure Moo

Mr. Sanit Samart or Krue Moo is our fantastic trainer. He is a highly experience trainer. He was a trainer at Por Pramuk Muay Thai camp and trained Boa Khow when he was with that camp. Since then he traveled around the world and trained Muay Thai at several gyms. We are so grateful that he is now with our gym and we believe that every customers will have a wonderful experience training with him.

Khrue Moo is also a certified khure Muay Thai C-license trainer.


Khrue Non

Mr. Non Boonchamnong or Khrue Non, is our new trainer with lots of international fighting experience. He is the former Thai national boxing team. This guy won a silver medal on the World boxing, bronze medal on the ASEAN games and 5 times gold medals on the SEA games.


Khrue Nuay

Mr. Aphisith Jockygym or Khrue Nuay, is our new trainer with lots of fighting experience. He hold a champion title of the Northern Muay Siam at the moment. He competed more than 6-700 fights and yeah he is still fighting at the local international stadium. Once he was a favor fighter at Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok too.

What shall we say more about him? His fighting style is aggressive and forward, but personally he is funny guy with good humor and lots of thing to share with customers too.


Khrue Chet

Mr. Apichet Bensalaman or Khrue Chet, is our new trainer imported from Southern Thailand. His boxing name was Bailey Lek SidArunchai. He was a 59 Kg champion Muay Thai fighter of the Southern Thailand Muay Thai Federation. He competed more than 450 fights during his boxing career and then turned to be a trainer for professional fighter at Rajaphat Songkla University and many gyms in the Southern Thailand.


Our Boxers/fighters

Pete Por Silaphaigym

from Scotland

Rafael Por Silaphaigym

from France




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