We temporary use the Fighter Muay Thai gym lodge to accommodate our guests. There are houses with a/c single and double rooms, all en-suite. There will be a share dorm rooms in the future.

a/c single room a/c single room
a/c double room for 2 people bathroom


Room rate (prices are in THB ):

Room types Price (THB)
1 night 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks  1 month
A/C single room, en-suite
(with a single bed for 1 person)
550 3500 4500 5000 5500
A/C double room, en-suite
(price/room for 1 person)
600 4000 5000 5500 6000
A/C double room, en-suite
(price/room for 2 people sharing)
700 4500 5500 6000 6500
Studio apartment with living room, 
kitchen and washingmachine
(suitable for a group up tp 3 people)
 900 6000  8000  10000   12000


  1. No outsider allow to stay overnight at the gym lodge.
  2. Price is not an inclusive. There will be extra charge for the power (as on meter, 8 THB per unit and water bill (50 THB per week) in case you stay longer than 1 week and it will be paid before checking out. 
  3. All room requires advance booking and a deposit via our PayPal account to guarantee the room.

 Important Notice to customers: 

The accommodation rates are offered for customers who would like to stay at our Silaphai boxing lodge and pay the full package before start training. If you wish to stay longer later, there will be 1500 THB per week plus water and power bill for the single, double rooms.

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