Boxing Courses


We offer training four sessions per days from Monday to Saturday. We close on Sunday.

There are two group sessions in the morning from 7.30-9.30 and in the afternoon from 15.30-17.30. Two sessions during 10.00-12.00 and 13.00-15.00 are for private training or group booking.


If you have few days at Chiang Mai, we would recommend one session of Muay Thai Discovery. There will be two hours training and give you an amazing experience of Muay Thai.

For those who can stay longer, one week or more and looking for something different from normal vacation or a challenge week. Then we recommend a one week training program for beginner. It's very good value for your money. We have Silaphai Boxing Lodge for you to stay close to the gym or you can stay in the old city and come here to train in the morning (7.30-9.30) and afternoon (15.30-17.30). Riding a bicycle or a scooter from the old city to our gym only takes 5 minutes.

At P. Silaphai Gym you will get the type of training that fits you best, according to your skills and personal goals. Every session contains: Running, rope skipping, shadowboxing, sparring, pad work, bag work, clinching, weight lifting, stamina training. 

If you train to be a professional fighter, we will teach you the Wai Khru, which is an important element of Muay Thai. 


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    For those who have only few days in Chiang Mai and want to try something new, or experience a traditional Muay Thai, or just simply exercise. Training with us for 2 hours will give...

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    For those who come toprepare for competitionor those who actually want to fight in Thailand, you will train just as Thai professional fighters. Every session contains: running...

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    If you want to work on special issues and you feel like there's not enough time during the regular sessions, you can also take extra private lessons. The price is 1200 THB for 1.5 ...
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