Muay Thai discovery

For those who have only few days in Chiang Mai and want to try something new, or experience a traditional Muay Thai, or just simply exercise. Training with us for 2 hours will give you a memorable experience and a taste of Thai martial art. No basic skills of fighting require here, only thing you need around here is willing to try something new.

So, don't worry if you are just starting with Muay Thai or you are doing it as a hobby or to stay fit, we will teach you all the basics needed.

Two hours package include:

  • warm up for 10-15 minutes
  • muscle stretch for 10 minutes
  • basic techniques on (for 60 -75 minutes)
    • Muay Thai footwork
    • Punching
    • pad work
    • kicking
    • light sparing
    • clenching
  • sparing with trainer for 15 minutes
  • punching and kicking bag for 10 minutes
  • cool down and muscle stretching for 10-15 minutes

You will work with a partner and with a trainer to learn how to use the techniques. We will make sure that you have a good basic knowledge about Muay Thai within 2 hours.


If you are making big efforts and can spend more time in Chiang Mai, you can also advance to the professional group.

Please note: We will provide all the boxing gears for you. Please wear a comfortable outfit, t-shirt and shorts.



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